My Story

Personal Herstory

     In 1997, knowing more about myself led me to trust my intuition when I told my husband of 16 years that I needed to attend Princess Diana’s funeral.  I had embraced the roles of wife, mother, daughter, in-law quite well, but this was a break from all that. I flew to England from New York.  It was my first trip out of the USA alone.  I wasn’t sure I did the right thing until I walked up to Buckingham Palace and witnessed a sea of people and an ocean of flowers. Then I knew, intuitively, it was where I belonged.  That trip was followed by a TV news interview, articles in the local paper and my story about the experience being published in a British Literary journal, which told me I did the right thing by going.  Witnessing Diana’s death brought me to recognize my own mortality, which brought me to want a deeper experience of love and partnership.  Weeks later, I awoke from a dream where I was kissing a woman. At age 37, I had never considered such a thing.  

     Months later, I fell in love with a woman and the life I had built with a husband, children and family began to unravel.  I had to trust and follow my intuition even through his anger and rage; even though friends stopped calling me; even when family backed away.  It was painful, but I kept focused on being true to myself .  The next year I moved out from the home I had built with my husband and two days later the woman I loved was diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer.  A year later I was divorced, my husband married a woman who gave birth to his child and the woman I loved, died. It was my connection with spirit guides and spirit loved ones that enabled me to pick myself up and keep moving forward.  

     In 2005, I married a smart, loving and supportive woman.  Life challenges continued when the law guardian assigned to my ten year old son stated in family court that he would never let me have physical custody.  I had been a 24/7 mom for years and now a man who knew nothing about me had the power to keep my son from living with me based solely on my sexuality.  Although it was painful and difficult, I focused on the positive and enjoyed the every other weekend time we shared.  My psychic abilities have enabled me to feel close to my children even when miles separated us.  Twenty years later, my connection with them is heartfelt and strong.  


     My most recent challenge of a cancer diagnosis tested my intuitive abilities yet again.  My decisions were based on my intuition, intellect and guidance from my spirit team.  I shared my journey with everyone in my life, going so far as to start a blog.  That allowed me to receive their love, healing and prayers in my vulnerability.  This has brought me closer in heart to family, friends and community.