Carol DeFazio

     My experience in this month long journey has been subtle, yet profound.  The way Eila set up the topics for the week were very helpful in making me stay mindful of that topic during the week.  When the ZOOM call was scheduled I felt I was well prepared to participate after watching her presentation earlier in the week.  She is an amazing facilitator with years of experience connecting to spirit.  

     I would highly recommend this experience for everyone interested in becoming a better version of yourself. 

Pamela Huggins

     I loved Eila's interview on the show Healing Consciousness. I've known Eila for a few years now but something even more powerfully loving is emanating from her.  I just love her more and more! I feel a strong heart-full, caring and kind energy from Eila... like the bestest snuggly blanket for the soul!

Jeri Baumgardner

     Eila a gifted teacher, and it is clear how deeply she cares about helping others. She allows each person to be at their own place in the world, honoring where they are, and offering a hand if one is wanted. The course was well organized and well presented.  The ZOOM calls were fun as everyone got to speak and expand their awareness with their experience.  The course in general felt like a big hug!

Mahina Lee

     I felt really heard and seen and encouraged on my path. What a gift!  I felt like Eila giving me permission to go with what flows easiest for me in music was a good next step for me to try instead of trying so hard to balance myself and push at the things that don’t come as easily!  I felt reminded that music itself is a channeling and not having words is ok. 

     I also appreciated the feedback to keep asking for wisdom and guidance that will lead me to a higher level for my own good and good of others and not being so concerned about who shows up, but trusting that my requests are heard and then just listening to myself. I will learn how to discern. I guess it's more getting out of my own way, and simply identifying when I have trust issues come up and letting go as best as I can while understanding that trust in my own discernment is built over time. 

     I feel clearer in certain goals just having articulated them out loud, to record healing music for yoga and massage and also in recognizing from Eila's gift of listening that really listening to people is such a big gift. I was inspired to offer this more to others after receiving it.

     I am grateful the time and grounded presence from Eila! I look forward to staying connected to your work!!! Many blessings on your path, Eila!

Bonnie Schmidt

     Eila listens compassionately without judgement and has been helping and encouraging me to be the best that I can be.
Since working with her, my inner self, my spirit and my " true me" have been rejuvenated. She has motivated me and woken me up
from my deep slumber of procrastination and not believing in myself.  

     Eila's experiences, combined with her passion, enthusiasm and sensitivity in helping others is extraordinary. Her positiveness
and her true willingness to help me is like getting a shot in the arm of goodness and sunshine. WooHoo! Eila is a LifeSaver.

Wanda Patterson

     Thank you, Eila for giving me and others a song to sing back to the universe. Remembering, "Eye In The Sky", "Spirit Of Nature" and your cancer blogs beginning in October 2018, the energetic vibration of us all has been raised. Thank you cancer for emotions unacknowledged, ambiguous losses, the gift of rage on the page, allowing me to inhale, exhale and breathe.

Adrienne Van Berg

     I appreciate how committed Eila was to take the time to listen to my story.  I also appreciate her vulnerability as she shared some of her life experiences with me, which really helped me to be able to relate with her and connect.  Eila maintained eye contact with me, I felt very seen and heard.  It's not often we get a chance to share so much of our "story" with someone on that level of intention and depth.  Thank you, Eila, for creating this space.