What I offer

life coaching


I empower you to be your true self in all aspects of life in our regular life coaching sessions.  You have a unique vision which I will help you connect to while offering you tools to for a joyful, love filled, empowered life. 

Superwoman Soul Reboot!


Dynamic Online Course:

How to Transform Jealousy to Self Confidence

Laugh Your Way to Love & Success

Soulful Superwoman Mastery

Turn Depression into Joyful Liberation

Use my unique T.R.U.S.T. method

workshops & groups


I speak with groups about the value of accessing intuitive and spiritual abilities for a rewarding life that empowers and awakens the person.

Spirit reading


Bring questions and concerns about your life and afterlife.  I will tune in to your spirit team for guidance, wisdom and knowledge for your greatest and highest good.  

spirit circle


 The spirit circle will be held in a quiet, undisturbed and darkened space. I will provide a prayer of protection, guided meditation, and then encourage participants to speak to what they may be tuning into with their psychic senses.  Spirit messages may be part of the event.  We invite our spirit team to join us as a way to allow for our spiritual awakening.



Some of these services are offered in combinations such as: 4 one hour weekly spiritual life coaching sessions while taking the online program designed for spiritual awakening .  Ask for details.